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Saving the sea from plastic.

Protecting our future.

These swimsuits are made with ECONYL, regenerated nylon made from discarded materials such as fishing nets abandoned in the sea, and recovered as part of the Healthy Seas project.

OVS’ Ocean Care capsule is a declaration of love for the planet and its seas The plastic invasion in the sea is a major threat to the fragile balance of the ecosystem in our seas.

This is a global emergency that goes beyond national confines: the plastic discarded in the sea of one country can end up in another sea, in any corner of the planet

What we need, then is a collective action, where everyone does their part to find solutions that are capable of saving the precious treasure that is our seas.

OVS is playing its part by supporting the Healthy Seas project to recover abandoned fishing nets from the sea bed. SCOPRI DI PIÙ SU HEALTHY SEAS ED ECONYL® >

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