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Curvy shirt with all-over print

€ 26 ,95
Curvy shirt with all-over print image number null
Curvy shirt with all-over print image number null
Curvy shirt with all-over print image number null

Curvy shirt with all-over print

€ 26 ,95
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The model is 180cm tall and wears a size S.

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The model is 180cm tall and wears a size S.

  • 100% POLYESTER
  • The model is 180cm tall and wears a size S.

  • 3 specific indexes, ECO VALORE allows you to discover how much water was used in the manufacturing process, the carbon footprint, and the recyclability of each and every garment.

    Find out more about ECO VALORE

    Water Consumption
    For making this garment were used
    645.2 liters of water
    Co2 Emissions
    For making this garment were used
    1.7 kg of CO2
    It shows how much of a product can be recycled

    Improve Your Eco Valore

    Ideas and tips to save resources and make your clothes last longer.

    • Wash jersey using a cool wash temperature, as long as the fabric is not heavily stained.
    • Turn embellished or patterned garments inside out and try to avoid mixing bright colours and whites in the wash, as the colours may bleed.
    • Don’t over-fill the washing machine as this will cause more creases in your clothes and they won’t be cleaned as effectively.


    100% of our items undergo chemical and physical testing to ensure compliance with the limits we have set for the use of chemicals, which at times are even more stringent that those set by international standards.


    Since it is made of a single material, this product is easier to recover at the end of its life. OVS has signed up to the 2020 Circular Fashion System Commitment, an initiative promoted by the Global Fashion Agenda to speed up our transition to circular fashion. Giving new life to textiles, instead of starting a production cycle from scratch every time, means saving vital resources for our planet.

    Sustainable viscose

    Viscose - or rayon - is a man-made fibre with natural origins. Although it comes from natural materials such as wood, the standard process to make viscose uses large amounts of energy and solvents. For this item we have chosen a viscose from suppliers who use high-tech production methods with reduced environmental impact, and who use cellulose from responsible resource management.


    Polyester is an extremely versatile man-made fibre with characteristics that make it ideal for clothing. The impact associated with its production in terms of the use of energy and solvents, is quite limited. However, the material from which it is made - crude oil - is not biodegradable. We are working towards replacing it with regenerated polyester or other, more sustainable materials.

    Our suppliers

    We have made conscious choices based on the utmost responsibility and transparency at every stage in the production chain. All of our suppliers share this same commitment towards the well-being of people and the planet, and are compliant with the strictest protocols in terms of eco- and social sustainability.

    made in vietnam

    Name of supplier: capital world trading ltd.

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