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1 How do I search for a product?

You can search for the product you need within our catalogue or by entering a free description into the search field present on the top left-hand side of the Home page. The products are divided into Woman, Man and Child and then by categories (for example shirts, trousers, accessories …). You can refine your search by using the filters present on the left-hand sideof the page. You can erase the filters set at any time and return to the extended list of results. The products searched will always be displayed with details of the price and the colours available.

2 Where can I find the detailed description of a product?

The product page, which you can enter by clicking on the individual product, displays photos of the garment chosen and allows you to zoom in to view it in detail. You can choose from the colours available, select the right size and quantity you require. The product page also immediately shows you whether the product is available or not. From here, you can add the product to your Wish List, share it via email, Facebook, Twitter and the other social networks, or proceed directly with the purchase by adding it to your basket. Remember to select the colour and size you wish to order and to click on “Add to Basket”. You can see which and how many products you have added at the top of each page on the right hand-side, in the Basket section.

3 How do I choose the right size?

Click on "Size guide" on the Product page and you will find a table containing a summary of our sizes, and their equivalents in the various countries. We will also guide you in identifying your size by providing the equivalent measurements in centimetres.

4 What is the Wish List?

By adding a product to the Wish List, you can create a list of your favourite products. Each time you visit OVS.it, you can view the list, update the products therein and proceed directly in purchasing those you prefer.

5 How do I add an item to the basket?

From the Product page, which you access by clicking on each individual item, choose the size and colour you prefer and click on the button "Add to Basket".

6 What steps do I need to take to pass an order?

By entering the basket section on the top right hand side of the page you can view the products you have chosen and view details of the colours and sizes available and the prices of each individual item. If you have purchased 2 of the same product these will be combined into one heading on your list. You can amend your order at any time by removing or adding products. Each product present in the basket can be amended. By clicking on the individual item, you will access the product page where you can change the size, colour and quantity. Once you are sure of your choice, you will be asked to log in. If you don’t have a personal My OVS profile, you will be able to register without erasing the selection of products in your basket. Having a personal profile will allow you to memorise many details. For example, you can create an address book of shipping and invoicing addresses. When proceeding with the order, you will be required to choose the shipping method by which you wish to receive your order. Remember to enter your discount code if you have one! The total cost of the purchase will be recalculated. If you are entitled to discounts or promotions, the total of your order will be automatically updated and you will be informed how much you have saved. Finally we will show you the summary of your order with the total price so that you can proceed in paying for your order using your preferred payment method. The page will display a message indicating whether the purchase has been successful and you will receive an email with confirmation of the order.

7 How can I be sure that I have placed my order correctly?

You will view a message that confirms your order has been successfully sent. In the next few hours, you will receive an email confirming that your order has been registered. You can also enter your personal area and monitor the status of all your orders.

8 Do I need to be registered to place an order?

Yes, to place orders on OVS.it you must be a registered user. You may also register during the purchasing process.

9 What payment methods can I use to pay for my purchases?

On OVS.it you can pay with different payment methods. You can choose the one that is most convenient for you from:

   - Visa
   - Mastercard

   - American Express
   - PayPal

Purchases made on OVS.it cannot be paid for by cash on delivery. If you do not have a credit card you can use your PayPal account or a debit card.

10 Can I pay using a Discount Code/Coupon?

Yes! On OVS.it you can pay with valid Discount Codes or Coupons that have been supplied by OVS as part of a special promotion. If you have a valid Discount Code or Coupon, enter the alphanumerical code in the appropriate field when you initiate the purchasing process and then click on “Apply”. The total of your order will automatically be recalculated net of the discount applicable thanks to the promotion. Remember that vouchers generated in store and the OVS CARD premium vouchers are not valid at the moment online, but can only be used in local stores of the OVS network.

11 Can I pay with an OVS Giftcard?

No, at the moment, OVS Giftcards can only be used in the local stores in the network. The OVS.it Website is continuously evolving and we will soon be taking steps to allow you to also spend them online.

12 Why has my credit card been refused?

In our experience, your card can be refused for the following reasons: The data requested for the payment fail to coincide with those on your card. A simple spelling mistake in one of the fields can cause the operation to be refused. You have not activated your security code. In a bid to protect cardholders from online fraud, some credit cards require you to enter an additional security code in order to confirm the payment. This code is provided by your bank. Your card limit has been exceeded. It is also possible that you may have exceeded your credit limit or that your card has expired. Your bank can provide you with all the information you may require about your card and the payment options. If you think there may be other problems, please write to our E-SHOP HELP.

13 When will my credit card be charged?

The amount relative to the order will be debited to your credit card when the order is effectively shipped. Depending on the agreements you have with your card issuer, immediately after completing the payment procedure you may receive a message confirming that the charged amount has been booked, but no amount will effectively be charged until the parcel is entrusted to the courier.

14 When will the payment be debited to my account?

When the payment is debited to your account depends on the times required by your credit provider.

15 Do the prices shown include VAT?

Yes, all prices displayed already include VAT, exactly as they do in our stores.

16 Can I request an invoice in my company’s name?

Yes, simply enter the correct data relative to your company in the invoicing address. Remember to specify that the purchase is made on behalf of a company and that you would like an invoice.

17 Can I cancel an order?

No, but you can return your purchase by activating a return procedure, and obtain reimbursement of the payment made for the same, with no additional costs.

18 Is it safe to buy on OVS.it?

It certainly is! Payments made with a credit card on our Website are encrypted and safe. Your browser will indicate that your purchase is protected via the closed padlock icon in the status bar.

19 Where can I consult my invoice?

You will receive your invoice via email.

20 What are the terms and conditions of sale?

You can consult the terms and conditions of sale for each purchase before confirming your order. They can also be found by clicking on the following link.

21 Can I return or exchange a product if I’m no longer sure I like it?

Of course, simply take the garments you wish to return to any store in the OVS network, along with the delivery note present in the parcel and the printout of the receipt attached to the shipping confirmation email bearing the amount of the goods purchased. You may also return goods you have purchased online by following the procedure described in the FAQ below.

22 I bought the wrong size or I’m not sure about the colour, can I exchange my purchase?

Should you wish to exchange your purchase, you can change the garments you are returning with goods of an equal or higher value, settling the difference if applicable.
Remember that goods may only be exchanged in the OVS local store network.

23 I don’t like the product, Can I return it?

By returning the product in store, you can choose to:
   - exchange the goods with products of an equal or a higher value to the amount spent online. In the case of goods of a higher value you will asked to pay the difference at the checkout;
   - receive a voucher for a value equal to that of the returned goods, which can be spent within a year in all the local stores of the OVS network but not online;
   - request a cash return.

24 How do I exchange a product?

To exchange goods, go to an OVS store with a printout of the receipt attached to the shipping confirmation email. In the store, the conformity of the products you intend to return will be verified, as will the amount effectively paid by you, net of any discounts and promotions applied to the order in question. Following these checks, you can exchange the products with goods of an equal or higher value to the amount spent online. In the case of goods of a higher value you will asked to pay the difference at the checkout. Alternatively, you may receive a voucher which can be spent in all the local stores in the OVS network but not online.

25 Can a product be returned if I’m no longer sure I like it?

For every purchase you make you can initiate a return procedure on OVS.it by entering your personal area and clicking on “My Orders". You have 30 working days from the receipt of the parcel to exchange the goods. Goods purchased and returned online may not be exchanged, but the amount spent can be reimbursed via the same payment method used for the purchase. You can activate the return procedure from the day after you receive the parcel and no later than 30 working days after the day of receipt. Indicate what you wish to return and you will automatically activate the return procedure!

26 Which procedures are in place for returning products?

You will find all the instructions you need in order to return a product inside the parcel. For each purchase you make you can request a return on OVS.it, by entering your personal area and clicking on "My Orders". Select the order you wish to return and click on “Return”. You will be shown a page in which you can define the products you want to return and confirm the procedure. Remember that you have 30 working days to carry out this operation from the date on which you received your parcel. Following your request for a return, you will be sent an email which confirms that the procedure has been launched. To return the goods, you must contact the courier and arrange for the parcel to be picked up. This must be packed in its original shipping packaging. Remember to apply the new label you will find inside the parcel over the existing label. Inside the parcel you will also find a receipt which you should have signed by the person who picks up the goods and keep as proof that they have been picked up. The telephone number to contact is 199.113366. Remember to specify to the operator that you wish the parcel to be picked up postage paid, stating that you already have the airwaybill and providing the pick-up address. Should the operator require the SDA customer code, please cite 329953. As soon as we receive your parcel, we will check that your return has been activated correctly via the website OVS.it, before 30 working days have lapsed since the return was delivered and that the goods conform to those declared. Should these checks prove positive, we will arrange to reimburse the amount according to the payment method used.

27 Can I check the status of a return?

When your request for a return is accepted, you will be sent confirmation via e-mail. In your personal area, in the section “My Orders” you can in any case check the status of your returns.

28 How will I be reimbursed for a product I return?

The amount due for returns wil only be reimbursed after all the checks have been carried out on the returned order and are deemed satisfactory. These checks monitor the period within which the return has been requested, which must be no longer than 30 working days from receipt of the parcel and the conformity of the order. Following these checks, you will receive an email that confirms the acceptance of the request to return goods. The amount due will be paid back into your account if you made the purchase using PayPal, or directly to your credit card. You can view the repayment on your account or card about 4-5 working days from receipt of the email confirming the acceptance of the return. The times required will vary depending on your bank.

29 How do I return a product purchased with a discount code?

If you have made your purchase using a discount coupon, the amount of the discount will not be reimbursed and the reimbursement will only cover the difference between the value of the purchase made and that of the discount applied.

30 Do you deliver overseas?

No, at the moment we only deliver within Italy.

31 Can I check the status of my order?

Yes, login to your private area and click on "My Orders". You will see the list of your orders. Click on the order you want to check.
   - If the order is in process, this means that we are preparing the shipment. The time needed to prepare a Standard shipment is around 2/3 working days.
   - If the order is shipped, please click on the ID Tracking search number. You will be redirected to the website of the courier SDA where you can check the status of your shipment

32 How much are the shipping costs? And what are the delivery times for goods shipped to Italy?

Shipping costs and times vary depending on the type of delivery chosen.

   - Standard Shipment: cost 4.95 euro. Your purchases will be delivered in 3-5 working days;
   - Express Shipment: cost 9.95 euro. Your purchases will be delivered in 24/48 working hours.

Express orders passed before 12pm on working days are shipped on the same day. Orders passed after 12 are shipped on the next working day. For Sicily, Sardinia, Calabria and remote areas shipment is guaranteed within 72 working hours after the order is passed.

33 What happens if I’m not at home when the courier arrives?

The courier will contact you on the phone number you have provided to arrange a new delivery.

34 Why should I register on the website?

Registering on OVS.it offers many benefits, allowing you to:
   - check your ongoing orders and order history
   - activate a return procedure and monitor its status
   - manage your account and the addresses to which your purchases are to be shipped
   - receive all the updates regarding promotions, new products, latest arrivals and initiatives via newsletter*

*You only register for the newsletter if you grant your permission to receive marketing information.

35 How do I register on the website?

Click on the button "Login" which you will always find on the top right of the page. Click on “Create a new account now” and fill in the form with your data. Agree to the processing of your personal data and click on the “Register now". button. You will receive an email with a summary of your user credentials which enable you to log in.

36 How can I change the data I entered when registering on the website?

AEnter your personal “My OVS” area and click on “Personal data”. In this section you will view the data provided by you when you registered and may amend these.

37 I’m already a registered site user but have forgotten my password. How can I recover it?

If you haven’t already done so, click on the heading “Login” which you will always find on the top right of the page. Then click on “Forgotten Password”.
By following the instructions that will appear on your screen, you will activate the procedure to create a new password. When you have concluded the procedure, you will receive an email at the address you have specified, containing a temporary password and a link. By clicking on the link and entering the password received in the appropriate field, you can set a new password of your choice.

38 I don’t have a personal profile and want to register on the website using FB Connect, How can I do that?

If you haven’t already done so, click on the heading “Login” which you will always find on the top right of the page. Then click on “Create a new account now”. At the beginning of the page, select the button “Register with Facebook”. You will be redirected to a page on which you will be asked to login with your Facebook credentials and to enter the missing data to complete your profile. Subsequently, to enter the private areas of the website, simply click on the button “Enter with Facebook”.

39 I have an OVS Card. How do I use it on OVS.it?

On OVS.it you can use your OVS Card to accumulate Glam points and use these to benefit from discounts. To do so, simply link your Card to your profile: during registration, remember to enter the number of your OVS Card where requested. In a few moments the system will check the validty of your card and you can immediately begin collecting points by buying online.

40 I don’t have an OVS Card but would like one. How do I obtain one?

At the moment you cannot obtain the OVS Card on OVS.it.
To obtain it, fill in the form that you will find in one of the OVS stores which are part of the programme or download it here, by filling it in and submitting it to an OVS store.
The cost of activating the OVS CARD is 5 euros, but if you leave your email address or mobile number it only costs 3.50 euros. If you are a university student, you can obtain an OVS Student CARD for 3.50 euros by simply displaying a university document which certifies you are matriculated there. The OVS CARD and OVS Student CARD will be delivered to you directly in the store when you register, ensuring you don’t miss out on exclusive discount and offers!

Note: click here to view the stores where the OVS CARD programme is in use.
download the request form, fill it in conveniently at home and hand it over in your nearest store.

41 What are the benefits of having an OVS Card?

With OVS CARD and OVS Student CARD, you will immediately receive a special welcome gift: a discount of 5 euros to spend the next time you spend at least 50 euros. The voucher will be personally delivered to you at the checkout during registration, is valid for 2 months from the next receipt issued after the issuance of the voucher and cannot be used in conjunction with other vouchers or ongoing promotions. Happy Birthday! With OVS CARD and OVS Student CARD you will be entitled to a 10% discount on purchases made on your birthday. The discount cannot be used in conjunction with other vouchers, ongoing promotions or sales.

42 Points collection: collect GLAM points!

OVS CARD and OVS Student CARD offer you fantastic discount vouchers thanks to GLAM, the points you collect each time you buy OVS fashion in store or on OVS.it. The rule for collecting your points is easy: spend 1€ = get 1 GLAM point • With 400 Glam points you can claim a 10% discount voucher • With 600 Glam points you can claim a 20% discount voucher • With 1,000 Glam points you can claim a 30% discount voucher. When you have reached each threshold you can decide whether to keep collecting points GLAM points until your reach the next threshold or to cash in your GLAM points immediately to obtain the discount voucher earned. N.B.: should you decide to return the goods purchased on the OVS.it e-shop, the points earned for the returned goods will be deducted from your total. To learn more about how to use GLAM points in store and on the OVS.it e-shop, please read on.

43 Can I spend my Glam points in the stores in the OVS network?

Of course! Simply go to any OVS store and ask for a voucher be issued: • With 400 Glam points you can claim a 10% discount voucher valid on a subsequent purchase • With 600 Glam points you can claim a 20% discount voucher valid on a subsequent purchase • With 1,000 Glam points you can claim a 30% discount voucher valid on a subsequent purchase. All discount vouchers are valid for 2 months from the next receipt issued after the issuance of the voucher and cannot be used in conjunction with other vouchers, ongoing promotions or sales. The discount voucher received in OVS stores can only be used on subsequent purchases made in-store. It is not valid for online purchases. For further details click here.

44 How can I use my Glam points in the OVS.it e-shop?

To use your GLAM points to make purchases online, when you reach the checkout, simply select the amount of points you wish to use on that purchase • With 400 Glam points you can claim a 10% discount on the purchase you are making • With 600 Glam points you can claim a 20% discount on the purchase you are making • With 1,000 Glam points you can claim a 30% discount on the purchase you are making. The GLAM points you collect with a purchase cannot be spent to obtain discounts on the same purchase itself, but will be credited to your total later. When you reach one of the thresholds, you can choose to use the percentage discount earned when finalising your purchases online.

45 What are the terms of the guarantee on OVS products?

All OVS products are covered by the Legal Guarantee of Conformity required by articles 128-135 of the Consumer Code. The Legal Guarantee of Conformity is required by the Consumer Code (articles 128 and subsequent) and protects the customer should they purchase faulty goods, products that do not work or are not suitable for the use declared by the seller, or for the use for which they are generally destined. The consumer can exercise their rights regarding the Legal Guarantee of Conformity by directly contacting the seller of the products, even if this is not the manufacturer. Should the product be deemed non-compliant, the consumer is entitled to have the faulty product repaired or replaced by the seller, at the former’s discretion, free of charge, unless the solution requested is impossibile or excessively burdensome in comparison to the alternative solution. If it is impossibile to replace or repair the product, the consumer is in any case entitled to a price reduction, or to receive reimbursement of an amount, calculated in proportion to the value of the product, for having returned the faulty product to the seller. The legal guarantee is valid for two years from delivery of the product and must be applied by the consumer within two months of identifying the fault.

46 Can I pick up my order in-store?

Some stores in the OVS network are authorised to deliver goods ordered in the e-shop. To receive an order delivered in-store select the shipping option Click & collect and check that the OVS store from which you wish to pick up your order is authorised to provide this service. When your order arrives in-store, you will be notified by email. To pick up your order, remember to take the printout of the receipt attached to the shipping confirmation email and a valid form of ID to the store.