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maui brand ovs
The original surfing and californian
lifestyle brand since 1980. an Explosive
mix of hawaiian style.
crocs ovs
an explosion of colors
CROCS are fun and comfortable.
the body shop ovs
The iconic beauty & skincare brand.
100% vegetarian and cruelty-free products now on
jansport ovs
Washington 1967, three friends
and a bet: create a durable backpack,
suitable for every adventure.
gap uomo ovs
The casualwear icon. Denim, soft cotton and the iconic GAP logo:
the ingredients for a unique style
that has been connecting generations
since 1969.
everlast ovs
The legendary sports brand
made in USA
that has been dressing up generations of champions since 1910.
grand & hills ovs
The lifestyle and aesthetics
of American colleges
into an energetic vision
of casual clothing.
piombo ovs
Modern flair balanced
with timeless elegance