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We believe that transparency is the foundation of all sustainable activity: for this reason we tell you not only the achievements, but also the challenges still to be faced. For the second year running, this earned us 1st place in the global Fashion Transparency Index 2022, the index that analyses the degree of transparency of the main fashion brands in the world.
Eco Valore

By letting you know the environmental impact of all the items in our collections, we help you buy more conscientiously.

We associate each of our products with an Eco Valore - an index developed in collaboration with the University of Padua - which tells you the CO2 emissions and the amount of water needed to produce each item and how recyclable it is.

Next Step

Our next goal is to integrate the Eco Valore index with the Higg Index, a set of tools that allow us to measure and compare the environmental and social sustainability performance of the entire sector, promoted by the Sustainable Apparel Coalition.

We are transparent not only about our garments, but also about those who produce them.

We strive to introduce you to every link in the production chain, giving complete information on direct and indirect suppliers on our website.

In addition to the signing of the Code of Conduct, which all our suppliers are required to follow, to dated approximately 90% of our supply chain is monitored on the basis of the environmental and social indicators of the Higg platform. We will soon reach 100%.

Thanks to the information on the platform, we have an overview of performance and support suppliers in their continuing improvement.
Product safety is paramount for us.

We apply strict restrictions on the use of harmful chemicals to provide you with products that are compatible with your health and the balance of the environment.

Every item we offer you is subjected to all the tests required by the strictest safety standards by the accredited laboratories with which we collaborate

In addition, as a further guarantee for consumer health, our garments, especially from the underwear and kids collections, are OEKO-TEX 100 certified. This certification ensures that all components of a product meet strict safety criteria.
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