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A van, parked in the desert,
with three passengers,
who are
getting ready for
an extraordinary,
surreal adventure.

Visions of some of the most
world’s most powerful, unique
landscapes can be seen through the windows.
The journey begins. And with it, freedom:
to explore,
to seek out new inspirations,
and to use them as a starting point
for creating a personal identity, a personal style.
the van
This nomadic spirit, with a propensity for
cultural and aesthetic contamination,
far from the conforming and the conventional,
is written into PIOMBO’s DNA.
A brand that embraces the world
with a transversal, cosmopolitan,
and combinatorial attitude
that is both classic and unpredictable,
timeless and avant-garde.
With PIOMBO, the journey is one of the mind,
of the imagination, through the endless
variations of a style based on
vital departures and joyful returns.
Because the end of a journey
is just the beginning of its story and,
once we return, we continue to carry
all of the places visited
and experiences lived within us.

Like the PIOMBO, THE VAN campaign,
every Massimo Piombo collection celebrates
the pleasure of discovery and the desire
to push ourselves beyond our own limits,
whether geographical, stylistic,
or in our minds.
the van