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On his long-saddled bike, Joseph crosses the park and reaches the front entrance of the school.

He adjusts his headphones and, pressing the PLAY button on his walkman, starts listening
to a song.
The bell is about to ring,
and the first day of an exciting new school year, with books, gym, break and lots of laughs, is about to start.

Each student will experience it from their own perspective: the one who loves jokes, like Francesco; the one who loves colouring with chalk, like Flavia; the one who always scores goals, like Elettra.
For all of them, going back to school and seeing their friends again is an occasion to celebrate.

Happy first day of school from OVS.
Tracksuit or jeans?
Sweatshirt or T-shirt?
Choose the perfect look for a
great return to school.
Comfort and style, from school
to the weekend: the new
collections from the favourite
brands of children.
The perfect backpack: functional details and a dynamic style.
The streetwear brand that made history with its dynamic and forever young spirit.
Denim, soft cotton and the iconic logo: Bring GAP’s casual style to your classroom.
Colourful, hard-wearing backpacks suitable for all adventures.
Fashionable trainers to get the new school year off to a flying start.
The legendary sports brand that has been dressing generations of champions since 1910.