Ovs has a tight code of conduct, which provides for

rules of conduct for OVS suppliers;

company audits carried out by internal technical staff and by third parties;

enviromental policies at the production sites.

The respect for the rights of workers and the environment makes OVS a company actively pursuing a socially responsible policy

Finally, OVS, which has always been attentive to the requests and sensitivities of customers, has taken the decision to only use synthetic fur.


OVS emphasises its support to families and kids, promoting joint initiatives for the values of social responsibility in which it believes.

Save The Children

Since 6 October 2010, OVS has been working with Save The Children, major international independent organization to protect and promote children’s rights which, with its worldwide campaign “Every One”, has set the target of saving the lives of 500,000 children every year. Specifically, OVS has been supporting a healthcare project for mothers and children in Mozambique, financing interventions to improve access to and the quality of healthcare services in the country (building two maternity wards, rebuilding health centres, providing basic medicines, training specialist staff and providing bicycles and motorbikes for transfers).

Collection of second-hand clothing

In 2013 OVS started a promo campaign “New life to your clothes for a better world”, an initiative to collect used clothing. For every three items brought in, customers received a discount to apply when spending a minimum amount on the new collections. Working with I:CO, worldwide textile recyclers, the items collected are selected, analysed and converted according to strict standards and using state-of-the-art technology.


OVS is part of the “Accord" ( which aims to improve working conditions in the companies working in Bangladesh, setting up the most advanced prevention processes (direct audits and quality certification activities) and also the setting up of a special damages fund for the victims of accidents in the workplace. OVS, in view of its presence in Bangladesh and the important volume of products purchased by OVS in this country every year, the company was pleased to join this project on 15 May 2014. The agreement is promoted nationally by the Ministry for Economic Development and at international level, by the OECD.